Limited Edition Photo - Investment Quality Fine Art Prints Limited Edition Photo - Investment Quality Fine Art Prints sells limited edition prints of fine art photographs, either for the enjoyment of the purchaser, or as an investment vehicle.

Up to 25 prints of any of the images offered on this site will be sold. Once the limit is reached, the original image file will be permanently watermarked, to prevent dilution of the value of the prints that have been sold to our buyers.

Prints offered on this site are sold in either of two formats:

  • Fixed price sales in which the price of the print is determined in advance. The first 15 prints are sold at the same price, and prints 16 through 22 on a gradient scale, as shown in the charts below.
  • Auction sales where the price the print is sold for is set by the demand for the print, as explained on the About Auctions page. The last 3 prints of any given image are sold at auction on this site.

Prints are selected for fixed price sales from print details pages accessed through Browse or Select links. Simply enter the number of copies you wish to purchase in the Number of Prints field, and the Price box is automatically updated to show how much your purchase will cost. Press the [ Buy ] button, and the number of print(s) you entered is added to your shopping cart. You then have the option of continuing to shop, updating your order, or checking out to complete the purchase.

Placing a print in your shopping cart reserves it until the sale is finalized. However, you must complete your purchase in a timely manner, or your shopping cart will be automatically emptied: You have 7 days from the time you open your shopping cart (by first placing a print into it) to complete the checkout process before your order is marked for deletion.

All sales are provisional until funds have been received to cover the purchase price. Provisional sales may be voided if funds are not received within 30 days of the date of the purchase.

If a shopping cart reservation or provisional sale caused the price of a subsequent sale to be increased, we will issue a credit for the price increase when the cart is emptied or the provisional sale is voided. Credits will be automatically applied to any future purchases, or can be converted to a refund on request.

Similarly, if someone removes a print from their shopping cart, or if automatic voiding of a provisional sale or emptying of a stale shopping cart causes the price of a print you have in your shopping cart to be decreased, our system will automatically reduce the cost displayed the next time you make a change to your shopping cart (e.g., adding a print, or checking out).

No auction sales will be started while there are provisional sales pending for copies of the same print.

We are temporarily using PayPal for processing credit card orders on this site. Several other payment options are available. You will choose your form of payment during the checkout process.


8x10 Print Prices

Print Number Price ( US $ )
1 - 15 $ 47.50
16 $ 72.85
17 $ 98.20
18 $ 123.55
19 $ 148.90
20 $ 174.25
21 $ 199.60
22 $ 224.95
23 - 25 Auction
Sample Photo
Displayed August 28, 2005
Click image for full details
Dome and Half Moon, Christian Science Church, Boston
Dome and Half Moon, Christian Science Church, Boston
Photo by Fred Koschara
July 6, 2003   Sony F-707

11x17 Print Prices

Print Number Price ( US $ )
1 - 15 $ 95.00
16 $ 145.70
17 $ 196.40
18 $ 247.10
19 $ 297.80
20 $ 348.50
21 $ 399.20
22 $ 449.90
23 - 25 Auction
Sample Photo
Displayed July 2, 2012
Click image for full details
Roof Ornament, Stonewall Farm, Dunstable, Massachusetts
Roof Ornament, Stonewall Farm, Dunstable, Massachusetts
Photo by Fred Koschara
July 2, 2011   Sony A850


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