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Limited Edition Photo is a fine-art photographic print sales and marketing service, selling prints either for the enjoyment of the purchaser, or as an investment vehicle. is currently exclusively affiliated with Fred Koschara and his Web site.

We are open to working with other photographers with similar systems. Feel free to contact our business development personnel for more information.

The software driving this site was also designed for portability to other sites with a minimum of effort. If you would like to have a similar site exclusively featuring your own work, please contact us to discuss development of a customized version of the software.

Sample Photo
Displayed March 12, 2020
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Relief Cast Ice Sculpture, Wellsville (cross eye stereo)
Relief Cast Ice Sculpture, Wellsville (cross eye stereo)

Snow melting on the roof dripped onto the snow shovel's handle, forming icicles hanging from it. When I took the shovel away, this sculpture was left behind.

This is a cross-eye stereo pair: To view the 3D image, pick a distinct feature of the picture, such as the knot of ice where the handle met the shovel's shaft near the center of the image, and its match near the left side. Hold your hands with fingers straight, pointing up, about a quarter of the distance from the screen so there's a "window" between them that's the same apparent width as one of the images. Cross your eyes until the two images overlap. You should then be able to comfortably see a clear perception of depth in the picture in the center of your field of view.

Photo by Fred Koschara
March 4, 2018   Sony A99
Sample Photo
Displayed July 12, 2018
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Purple Power! Flowers, Medford, Massachusetts
Purple Power! Flowers, Medford, Massachusetts
Photo by Fred Koschara
July 12, 2017   Sony A99


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