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  Limited Edition Photo - Investment Quality Fine Art Prints Limited Edition Photo - Investment Quality Fine Art Prints sells limited edition prints of fine art photographs, either for the enjoyment of the purchaser, or as an investment vehicle.

Up to 25 prints of any of the images offered on this site will be sold. Once the limit is reached, the original image file will be permanently watermarked, to prevent dilution of the value of the prints that have been sold to our buyers.

Prints offered on this site are sold in either of two formats:

  • Fixed price sales in which the price of the print is determined in advance, as explained on the About Buying page.

  • Auction sales where the price the print is sold for is set by the demand for the print. The last 3 prints of any given image will be sold at auction on this site.

Auctions will run for a set period of time, a 10 day interval that starts when the first bid is placed on the print. The print will be sold to the highest bidder at the close of the auction.

In case bids of equal amounts are received, the first bid registered by our system will prevail.

Auction winners will be notified via email, and are expected to promptly make payment arrangements.

If the print purchase is not completed in a reasonable time (within 30 days of the close of the auction), the sale will be nullified, and the print put up for a repeat auction. In that case, all bidders who didn't win the auction will be notified via email (48 hours before commencement of the new auction) of the new opportunity to purchase the print.

Sample Photo
Displayed May 3, 2016
Click image for full details
Sunset Pastels Over Pickering Wharf, Salem, Massachusetts
Sunset Pastels Over Pickering Wharf, Salem, Massachusetts
Photo by Fred Koschara
May 9, 2011   Sony A850


Bidding on a print at auction is a contractual obligation to purchase the print for the amount of your bid if you win the auction. Failing to fulfill that contract may result in administrative and/or legal actions including (but not limited to) terminating your membership and prosecution for financial relief.


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