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  Print Date:   December 29, 2007
Print Size Class: 8 x 10
Number Sold: 0
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  Before Auction: 22
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Moonlit Snowscape, Harvard, Mass.
Moonlit Snowscape, Harvard, Mass.

Moonrise on Christmas Eve 2007 was a spectacular sight: Climbing through scudding clouds, the luminous orb carried an almost magical air into the evening soon after sunset. December's blanket of snow had been rained on earlier in the week, and the arctic air that followed encrusted the landscape in a tough reflective shell of frozen waves and patterns. If you saw the Moon that night, you will surely remember it...

Photo by Fred Koschara
December 24, 2007   Sony F-717


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Moonlit Snowscape, Harvard, Mass.

Moonlit Snowscape, Harvard, Mass.

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